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Taxi-ing around the metro

One of the most convenient ways to go around Manila is to use taxi cabs. We have roughly 3 kinds of taxis. Let me just run you down these types:

1. Private owned: Most private owned taxis are known to haggle before they convey you to your destination. Some of them would ask for an extra 20-50 pesos depending on where you’re going. Don’t give in! These guys are con artists and would haggle like hell to get more money. Most of the time, if you don’t agree on a price, they just leave.

How can you tell if taxis are privately owned? They are usually white without stripes and most of them have really strange taxi names painted on the side!

photo from: SUPERPASYAL

2. Cab Company Owned A – Boundary Type : Expect some heavy haggling from these guys because they have a sales quota in a day. It’s a boundary. They pay as much as 1,500 pesos per day to “rent” a taxi from the cab company they work for. They need to come up with the boundary payment, gas money and actual earnings. They are notorious for ridiculous price increases from 20-100 pesos. They look a lot like the private-owned cabs.

3. Cab Company Owned B – Employed Driver Type: Not much haggling going on here in this cab. As far as I know, they are the safest taxis around. They will hardly refuse conveyance and will most of the time use the meter to determine the fare. These types generally will not rip you off. You will recognize them easily, most of them are like the cab in the first photo, yellow with green stripes. Some are red and some are white with green stripes.

For reference, here are my personal favorites:

Basic Taxi – they charge a pick-up fee of P50
643-7777, 900-1447, 900-1448

EMP Taxi
293-5930, 293-5931

Dollar Taxi

Other cab companies like R&E, E&E, Nine Stars. MGE and Munich are also quite reliable when flagged down.

Here are also some tips so that you won’t get ripped-off:

1. Always insist on paying the metered fare.
2.Have change in your pocket so that when it’s time to pay, they can’t say that they don’t have change. Some taxi drivers do this to earn extra.
3. Take down the plate number of the cab and call it in to a friend while inside the cab. This deters weirdos from trying anything funny and prevents taxi theft.


April 17, 2008 - Posted by | Transportation

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